Economic Equality

Deborah and Eric appeared to have a very happy, stable, life. They had three children, who were healthy, smart and good-looking. The children did well in school, had many friends and engaged in many extra-curricular activities. Deborah and Eric had a home in the suburbs, with a pool, where they entertained. Eric was a successful dentist with his own practice. Deborah was the consummate homemaker and mother. She cooked all the meals, including special feasts and baking for the holidays. She sewed all of the children’s Halloween’s costumes each year. She made elaborate birthday parties for each child every year. She decorated the home including her own special touches like handmade curtains and wall hangings. She took care of all of the household bills. She was with Eric when his practice started and as it grew. They were married for more than fifteen years.

Deborah was devastated and then angry when she found out her husband was having an affair with his dental hygienist. Deborah went into therapy and retained me as her attorney. She was a most diligent client. Deborah obtained an excellent financial package in her divorce because she was well prepared. Deborah telephoned all of the financial institutions where the family’s investment and retirement funds were located. She inquired about the balances in each account and checked each balance against the statements to ensure that no funds were missing. She contacted the health and life insurance administrators to protect her children and herself from a change of beneficiary. Deborah was a meticulous record keeper. She provided us with tax returns, credit card statements, stock broker statements, bank records, all insurance plans, and even her husband’s business records, in triplicate copy, in separate accordion files.

She wrote out in detail the marital history and all of her contributions to the marriage. Deborah came to her appointments and reviewed documents promptly. She was present at every negotiation session and court date. Deborah listened to my advice at strategic points and cooperated well. She always thanked my staff and me for our work and paid her bills in a timely fashion. We succeeded because of our mutual efforts, intelligence and cooperation. I was happy to help her family make a new life after divorce.