Breaking Free of a Drug Addict

A forty-something woman with a young child is estranged from her husband. He has graffiti-ed her house and threatened her that “she will meet her maker.” Her husband also abuses drugs. He is arrested and placed in a drug program. He refuses to give her a divorce. He wants money and joint custody. The case is dragging in court because the woman’s former lawyer never filed the correct papers, requested a court conference or moved for a trial date. Sherri Donovan and Associates takes over the case. We filed the necessary documents with the court. We immediately obtained a conference with the court. We educated the court about our theory of the case. We explained the history of the case and the damage to the mother and child by the delay in the case. We argued that because of the spouse’s dissipation of funds during the marriage, egregious conduct and lack of child support payments, he was not entitled to any marital property.

Sherri Donovan & Associates prepared for trial. We subpoenaed the child’s social worker and police officers. We empowered our client and gave her the confidence to confront her abuser in a court of law. When the trial date came, the Judge tried to delay the case and give us another date for trial. We pressed for trial that day and succeeded. Our client won on grounds for divorce, marital property and custody. She did not have to pay her spouse any money, and her child is safe with her.

As we left the courtroom, she hugged me, and said “I’m free”!