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"Sherri Donovan will fearlessly and compassionately guide you through any storm."

Sherri Donovan, Esq.

The ever changing family in the twenty-first century requires professionals to practice with both humanity and skill. Sherri Donovan is the owner of her own law firm since 1988, providing representation in a professional, caring, and assertive manner. Sherri is a legal medicine woman using the best methods to fit your specific situation. She is skilled at mediation, collaborative law, parent coordination, negotiation and litigation. Ms. Donovan also acts as a consultant to assist other attorneys.

Sherri Donovan & Associates, P.C. is a law firm which focuses in all areas of matrimonial and family law. We handle matters related to divorce, separation, annulment, marriage, domestic partnerships, child custody and parental access (visitation), child support, maintenance (alimony/spousal support), property distribution, same sex relationships, assisted reproductive technologies, children's issues including special needs, pre-nuptial agreements, post-marriage agreements, post-divorce proceedings, neglect/abuse proceedings, domestic violence, international family issues, and appeals. We are most familiar with the courts in New York City, Westchester, and Long Island.

Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island

Every family is unique and we treat it as such. At Sherri Donovan & Associates, we take a child-centered approach. Social science research indicates that it is best for most children to have quality relationships with each parent. Our successes come from preparation, expertise, high energy, and a sense of justice. Above all, we are aware that the outcome of your legal matter will affect you and your children the rest of your lives. We look to resolve problems efficiently instead of inflaming them.

At Sherri Donovan & Associates, our goal is to listen carefully to what is important to you and your family and to work with you to implement a plan that meets you and your family's immediate and long term interests. We apply the law and draft documents to meet your specific needs. We will advise you based on our specialized knowledge and experience. However, you will always be the final decision maker. We will work on both matters involving complex litigation and matters involving amicable agreements. We have cases involving millions of dollars of assets or none at all. We work closely with experts that can assist our clients or that are necessary to a particular case including but not limited to accountants, psychologists and attorneys in other fields.

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Sherri Donovan is a family law and divorce lawyer in New York City. Our firm’s main offerings include: a child support attorney and child custody attorney for children's rights, attorneys for same sex divorces, an alimony attorney for spousal support and maintenance, and mediation and collaboration as alternative options to traditional divorce and litigation.

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